Facing Off with Fitness

Performance & Sport

Playing your best, regardless of the sport, comes down to conditioning. Here at Bodylogix®, we are fortunate to have expert Dr. Craig Slaunwhite, Head of Performance for the Sacramento Kings, as our in-house strength expert to help us achieve our best results.

Dr. Slaunwhite’s education and personal fitness accomplishments combined with the training and development of personalized programs for professional athletes, makes him a more than qualified source for getting not only the pros into their best possible condition, but you, too.

Whether you play a team or individual sport, there are ways you can optimize your performance. And, in North America, as we look to winter, many athletes from rec league to minor league are looking at ways they can improve strength, speed and power both on and off the ice.

Playing hockey combines cardio and strength. It’s a sport that requires agility and quickness, power and speed. And, due in part to our nation’s fascination with the sport, it is highly competitive.

Dr. Slaunwhite, has developed a Strength, Power and Speed Training Program for Bodylogix®.Inside this guide, you’ll gain access to his favorite strength moves. You’ll understand why intermittent speed plays a key factor in total performance. You’ll see how functional movement, using your own body weight with proper technique, can vastly improve your strength.

Dr. Slaunwhite’s training recommendations are designed to help you get into the best shape of your life. From pull-ups to lunges and box jumps to medicine ball shot puts, you’ll gain maximum total body improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Of course, he also recommends eating well and supplementing with quality products.

To learn more on how you can add sprints, squats and sled rows to your next workout, don’t take it from us. Take it from training expert, Dr. Slaunwhite.