Understanding the VegeCert Vegan and Vegetarian Certification

VegeCert is a non-profit organization that certifies vegan and vegetarian food products globally. Consulting with industry leaders, VegeCert formulated a standard for product approval.

The VegeCert program has two certifications. Certified Vegetarian ensures products are free from meat, poultry, fish, seafood and insects. The Certified Vegan designation verifies that products do not contain any animal or animal by-product whatsoever, including dairy and egg. VegeCert inspections are performed by The Kosher Council (COR), an independent third-party organization and one of the largest and most respected kosher certifications agencies. With the cross-over between kosher certified food products and vegetarian and vegan diets, the considerable expertise of COR is unmatched.

Whether following a vegan or vegetarian diet is a lifestyle choice or for the benefit of your health, you can be rest assured that products are certified by real time inspections at manufacturing facilities to ensure that VegeCert certified products conform to the highest standards.

Achieving VegeCert Certification

Product, components and manufacturing facility are evaluated for compliance with the VegeCert standards. Facility audits may occur to verify processes. Under the VegeCert certification, compliant products earn the use of the mark for either VegeCert Vegan or VegeCert Vegetarian.

At Bodylogix® we have achieved VegeCert Vegan and Vegetarian on many of our products. As we continue to add to our portfolio, please check product specific pages for certification updates. The corresponding VegeCert mark is applied to our packaging as we gain certification, ensuring quick and simple identification of the verification.

Our Belief

At Bodylogix®, we understand that you get out what you put in. We are committed to clean, quality ingredients sourced from only the best suppliers around the world. We strive to reach the highest levels of product purity which is why we voluntarily opted to pursue VegeCert certification. We believe you deserve the best so that you can be your best. Clean nutrition never tasted so good.

For more information on VegeCert certification, visit https://vegecert.com/