+- What is the difference between whey concentrate and whey isolate?

Isolates undergo a more intense filtration process to remove nearly all of the fat and lactose, leaving behind a purer product with over 90% protein on a dry basis. Isolates are preferred by athletes for the protein purity. Concentrates are a great way to add extra protein into your diet. They are much more affordable per gram and are some are the best-selling and best-tasting whey that we have. Bodylogix® Natural Isolate is a whey isolate and Bodylogix® Natural Whey is a whey concentrate.

+-What is hydrolysate?

Whey protein hydrolysate is whey protein concentrate that has been partially broken down by enzymes. This allows it to be absorbed more rapidly than whey concentrate or isolate.

+-What type of protein is used in Bodylogix® Natural Whey?

Whey protein is a by-product of cheese, which is a product of cow’s milk. The process of converting milk into cheese is dependent on coagulating through the use of an enzyme. The enzymes in this product are sourced from microbial fermentation. It is low temperature processed with cross-flow micro-filtration and ultra-filtration methodology.

+-What are the typical bioactive protein fractions per serving for Bodylogix® Natural Isolate?

They are: Alpha-lactalbumin 23%, beta-lactoglobulin 65%, glycomacropeptide 8%, bovine serum albumin >1%, immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, and growth factor are <1%. There is no alpha, beta or kappa casein which speaks to the purity of the whey protein.

+-Does Bodylogix® source whey from pasture raised cows?

Bodylogix® sources several types of whey including New Zealand, European, American and/or Canadian cows. Whenever possible, cows are given pasture access. Due to harsh winter weather conditions, it may be necessary to sometimes keep the cows inside. For products containing New Zealand Whey, the mild climate allows cows to have year-round pasture access.

+-What is the processing temperature of the whey protein used in Bodylogix® protein powders?

The exact temperature used in processing whey protein for Bodylogix protein powders is proprietary information. We can assure you the protein is NOT denatured — whey denatures when it is exposed to temperatures above 159.8 degrees F.

+-What is the percentage of lactose contained in Bodylogix® proteins?

Bodylogix® Natural Whey contains about 3-6% lactose. Bodylogix® Natural Isolate contains around 1%. Vegan protein contains no lactose.

+-Are Bodylogix® whey proteins suitable for lacto-vegetarians?

Bodylogix® Natural Whey and Natural Isolate protein powders are VegeCert Vegetarian certified. Whey is sourced from milk and processed with microbial enzymes, not animal rennet and we only use plant-based lecithin as an emulsifier. Our protein powders do not contain eggs or any other animal by products.

+-What vegan protein sources are in Bodylogix® Vegan Protein?

Bodylogix® Vegan Protein comes from five plant sources: organic pumpkin seed, sprouted whole grain brown rice, pea, chia seed and sprouted quinoa. Our Vegan Protein is an excellent protein supplement for those who choose to avoid animal-based proteins or have dietary sensitivities to milk products like whey protein.

+-What does Bodylogix® Vegan Protein taste like?

Bodylogix® Vegan Protein has a distinctly different taste and has a thicker texture than any other protein we offer because it is plant-based and contains more fiber. People who enjoy our vegan shakes commonly blend them with water, fresh fruit or almond milk.

+-Is there any yeast in Bodylogix® Vegan Protein?


+-What makes Bodylogix® Vegan Protein major allergens?

Bodylogix® Vegan Protein does not contain any of the most common food allergens: eggs, milk, mustard, peanuts, crustaceans/molluscs, fish, sesame seeds, soy, sulphites, tree nuts or wheat.


+-Does Bodylogix® formulate with MSG?

Bodylogix® does not use MSG in any of our products.

+-What is the caffeine content in Bodylogix® Natural Isolate, Natural Whey, and Vegan Protein?

Vanilla Bean and Vanilla contains 0 mg and Decadent Chocolate and Chocolate contains less than 10 mg.

+-Does Bodylogix® protein powder contain animal rennet?

No, only vegetarian rennet is used to separate the milk components during cheese making.

+-What does Bodylogix® source glutamine from?

L-Glutamine is derived through fermentation of a sugar source such as corn, beets or cane sugar, etc. Since the source changes based on availability, we opted to only list “vegetable source” on our label. It is not animal derived.

+-Is Bodylogix® Natural and Fermented BCAA sourced from soy?

Bodylogix® BCAAs are derived from fermentation of a sugar source like corn, beets or sugar cane. These products use sunflower lecithin and does not contain soy.

+-Do any Bodylogix® ingredients come from China?

We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients from around the world.  All ingredients must meet our strict quality standards regardless of whether they are sourced from Canada, New Zealand or China.

+-Is Bodylogix® cocoa processed with alkali or "Dutch"?

Yes. Bodylogix® protein products use Dutch cocoa powder. This processing provides a milder chocolate taste.

+-How is Bodylogix® Vanilla extracted and is alcohol used in the process?                             

Bodylogix® vanilla flavor is made with an extract of real vanilla beans. The extract can be water or alcohol based. For the alcohol based vanilla extracts, the alcohol is removed at the end of the extraction. To confirm this, we test these ingredients for residual alcohol content following USP methods.

+-What are natural flavors?

Natural flavors use only components found in nature as opposed to artificial flavors which are entirely synthesized in a lab. Natural flavors are comprised of many compounds, some of which have long, chemical names like 2-Isobutylthiazole and cis-3-hexenal, which are two of the many compounds that give tomatoes their characteristic flavor. We are unable to list all components of natural flavors on our product due to available space.

+-What is soy lecithin?

Soy lecithin is an emulsifier that helps the whey protein mix with water (or your favourite beverage) quickly and without clumps.

Preparation & Consumption

+-Can you mix Bodylogix® protein powder with anything other than water?

There are many great alternatives to simply mixing your powder with water. All types of milk and juices can be used. Please see our recipes for some great shake ideas.

+-Is there an ideal time to use Bodylogix® protein powder?

When to consume protein powder depends on your goals. For general health, one scoop at any time of the day is great. For athletes, one scoop immediately following intense activity or before bed is ideal.

+-Can I use too much Bodylogix® protein powder?

Bodylogix® protein products have been evaluated by Health Canada for safety and efficacy based on the dose listed on the label. Exceeding this dose may cause mild gastrointestinal disturbances. Consult your healthcare practitioner before increasing the dose if you have liver or kidney disease or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

+-Are there any side effects from using Bodylogix® protein powder?

At doses of protein over 30 g, you may experience mild gastrointestinal disturbances.

Suitability & Safety

+-Is Bodylogix® protein powder safe for children and the elderly?

Bodylogix® products are intended for adults. We recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner before giving supplements to children.

+-Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Bodylogix® whey protein powder?

Bodylogix® whey protein should be avoided by people with milk allergies. People who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a liver or kidney disease should consult their health care practitioner before use, if they plan to supplement with more than 30g protein per day. People sensitive to lactose may want to avoid Bodylogix® Natural Whey.

+-Is it safe to consume Bodylogix® protein powder in a hot beverage?

While it is perfectly safe to consume Bodylogix® protein powder in a hot beverage, high temperatures may result in protein denaturing and clumping. For the best consistency, mix protein powder into liquid after warming.

+-I'm on a low protein diet due to health problems, can I use Bodylogix® protein powder?

If you are on a low protein diet, we recommend you discuss your desire to use a whey protein with your doctor or health care practitioner before starting any new supplement. He or she will want to monitor you closely to ensure adding protein to your diet does not impact your health condition.

+-I am diabetic, is Bodylogix® protein powder safe for me to use?

Bodylogix® primarily uses Stevia in our protein products. This sweetener is not known to affect blood sugar levels. We recommend you consult with your health care practitioner before starting any new supplement.


+-Where is my scoop?

During shipping the powder often acts as a quicksand which envelopes the scoop. It is likely buried somewhere within the product powder.

+-Can Bodylogix® bottles be recycled?

Yes Bodylogix® bottles and lids can be recycled where facilities exist. Check your local recycling depot for acceptable plastics.

+-Why is there space at the top of my Bodylogix® product?

Bodylogix® products are filled based on weight and not volume. As the product is transported and then stored, the powder settles which increases the amount of space in the bottle. In addition, our bottles require specialized machinery for filling. This machinery requires a certain amount of available space in the bottle in order for the equipment to fill the bottle with powder. Please be assured you are receiving the number of servings indicated on the bottle.

Certification & Manufacturing

+-What does GMP stand for?

Good Manufacturing Practices.

+-What does NSF mean?

NSF is a voluntary third-party standard Bodylogix® has chosen to pursue. NSF certification means the product has been produced in a facility that is GMP registered with regular on-site inspections of manufacturing compliance. Before the certification logo can be added to the label, products are tested to ensure the ingredients listed on the package are in the product. Every product is regularly verified for potency and purity. Random re-testing ensures the claims of quality ingredients are accurate and true.

+-Are Bodylogix® products Kosher or Halal certified?

Yes, Bodylogix® is currently undergoing the certification process for various products. Please visit the product specific pages for the current list of applicable certifications.

+-Are Bodylogix® products vegan or vegetarian certified?

Yes, various products are certified. Please visit product specific pages for VegeCert Vegan and VegeCert Vegetarian certification achievements.

+-Are Bodylogix® products vegan?

Select Bodylogix® products are vegan, including: Vegan Protein, Fermented BCAA, Natural BCAA, BCAA Complex, Micronized L-Glutamine and Micronized Creatine.

+-Are Bodylogix® products made in a dedicated gluten-free facility? If not, what procedures are in place to ensure they are gluten-free?

There are no ingredients containing gluten used in our manufacturing facility. We regularly test our products to confirm they are gluten-free.

+-Is Bodylogix® product tested for heavy metals?

Every ingredient used in Bodylogix® products is evaluated for heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury). Our products comply with NSF/ANSI 173 standards which are more stringent than FDA or Health Canada.

+-Can you use Bodylogix® protein powder past its expiration date?

Bodylogix® has a stability monitoring program in place to determine the shelf life of our products. The expiration date is based on data we have. We can guarantee that on the expiry date the product meets all of the label claims and tastes as good as the day it was made. Beyond that date, the product doesn't become instantly unsafe, but the potency and flavor may decrease. As we have no data, we cannot recommend using the products beyond the date listed on the package.