Real Food - Making Better Choices in Life and for Your Body

Clean Ingredients & Nutrition

Our kitchen at work is stocked full of fresh choices, healthy produce and real food. In fact, our salads never tasted so good. Summer is all about pulling root vegetables from the ground; growing your own leafy greens and adding fresh herbs to just about everything.

Real food is important to us

We choose to eat nutrient dense food that doesn’t slow down the digestive system or our desires to get moving. Real food is a journey down a dirt road that leads to a great sleep and, if you’re lucky, a swim.

At Bodylogix®, our tagline is Clean. Trust. Performance., which means real ingredients whenever possible. It also means delicious tasting products that work. It means sourcing quality suppliers with ethical practices, such as whey extracted from grass-fed cows. Choosing to support Bodylogix® means choosing the best possible ingredients.

Our recipe page, contains new and healthful inspiration – for your kitchen using the ingredients we love. Bodylogix® products are just as clean as the ingredients we eat. We offer gluten free, non-GMO and vegan options.

Ever wish you could live summer all year long? So do we. This season, skip the corn dogs and daiquiris, and instead opt for a long walks and watermelon – a smart, summery fruit made from 90 percent water and only 44 calories per cup. Munch on mid-season ready veggies like zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, beets and squash. Be sizzle savvy and grill up some kabobs or skewers; add protein or heck, have a shake (protein that is!) and a side of whole grains.

Enjoy the rest of July. Jump in the lake, get your feet dirty and enjoy every bite.