Understanding COR (Kosher) Certification

COR is a not for profit, community organization that acts as a resource for consumers regarding everything kosher. It is also the kosher certification trademark used by the Kashruth Council of Canada, the largest kosher certification agency in Canada. The COR symbol is recognized around the world as the highest standard for product compliance with kosher standards.

COR employs a team of talented rabbinic inspectors who are experts in the intricacies of modern food production as well as the specifics of Jewish law. The COR team works in conjunction with food manufacturers and food service establishments to ensure that food which is COR certified complies with the highest kosher dietary standards.

Achieving COR Certification

Products, ingredients, manufacturing and processes are reviewed by a senior Rabbinic Coordinator. Facility inspections are performance to evaluate any additional requirements. Under the COR certification, compliant products earn the use of the COR symbol.

At Bodylogix® we have achieved COR certification on many of our products. As we continue to add to our portfolio, please check product specific pages for certification updates. The COR symbol is applied to our packaging as we gain certification, ensuring quick and simple identification of the verification.

Our Belief

At Bodylogix®, we understand that you get out what you put in. We are committed to clean, quality ingredients sourced from only the best suppliers around the world. We strive to reach the highest levels of product purity which is why we voluntarily opted to pursue COR certification. We believe you deserve the best so that you can be your best. Clean nutrition never tasted so good.

For more information on COR certification, visit https://cor.ca/