Katie Vincent

Women’s Canoe - Team Canada

Katie grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and first started canoeing at 10-years-old during summer camp. She quickly developed a love for being on the water with her friends. She became a member of the Mississauga Canoe Club in 2006. After a couple years of canoeing success in junior categories in Canada, Katie decided to take a shot at a higher level. She has been on the senior national team since 2016 and has represented Canada at several international events.

Katie has won four gold medals at World Championships since 2014, including C1 200m at Junior Worlds in 2014, C1 200m at U23 Worlds in 2016, C1 200m at U23 Worlds in 2017, C2 500m at Senior Worlds 2017, and winning gold in the women’s C1 200m in Copenhagen in 2021.

Interesting Fact

At the Tokyo Olympics, Katie’s events (WC1 200m and C2 500m) made their Olympic debut. For the first time in sports history, there was an equal number of male and female events for canoeing. For Katie, it was a huge honour to be part of such a historic moment for women’s sports.

Favorite Hobbies (Outside of Sport)

Katie says she loves paddling and feels grateful to be able to do it every day. Outside of her sport, she also enjoys travelling, skiing, and considers herself a coffee enthusiast.

Career highlights

A major career highlight for Katie was in 2015 when she went on her first World Cup tour with the national team, during which she won her first world cup medal!