Understanding IGEN Non-GMO Tested Certification

IGEN is an independent, third-party organization that verifies GMO labels claims in products and ingredients. It stands for the International Genetically Modifies Organism (GMO) Evaluation and Notification Program.

Any food or dietary supplement product made with ingredients derived from genetically engineered crops are considered to contain GMOs. Some products could be produced directly from a GMO crop, such as corn chips manufactured from GMO corn, while others could be made with an ingredient that was derived from a GMO crop, such as maltodextrin from corn or lecithin from soybeans. IGEN certifies a variety of product types, from herbal supplement and vitamins to food ingredients, ensuring they do not contain GMO genes and proteins found in common bioengineered crops.

While there is no conclusive evidence that GMOs have a direct or immediate effect on human health, many are concerned about the long-term health and environment impacts of genetic engineering. With IGEN testing and certification, supplements complete comprehensive lab testing and evaluation of their manufacturing processes to ensure products do not contain any GMO markers.

Achieving IGEN Non-GMO Tested Certification

Finished products are tested to ensure they do not contain GMO genes and proteins found in common bioengineered crops. Markers tested for include transgenic proteins involved in certain types of genetic engineering (e.g., Cry1Ab, Cry1F, NPTII) and DNA elements used in genetic engineering (e.g., P35S/CaMV, TNOS/A. tumefaciens). Manufacturing practices are also verified. Under the IGEN Non-GMO Tested program, compliant products earn the use of the mark and accompanying label claim.

At Bodylogix® we have achieved IGEN Non-GMO Tested status on many of our products. As we continue to add to our portfolio, please check product specific pages for certification updates. The seal is applied to our packaging as we gain certification, ensuring quick and simple identification of the verification.

Our Belief

At Bodylogix®, we understand that you get out what you put in. We are committed to clean, quality ingredients sourced from only the best suppliers around the world. We strive to reach the highest levels of product purity which is why we voluntarily opted to pursue IGEN testing certification. We believe you deserve the best so that you can be your best. Clean nutrition never tasted so good.