Pink Lemonade / 30 servings
Pink Lemonade / 30 servings
Pink Lemonade / 30 servings
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Pink Lemonade / 30 servings
Pink Lemonade / 30 servings
Pink Lemonade / 30 servings

Natural Pre-Workout Sport

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+- Overview

Power up your performance with Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout. Made with clinically studied ingredients, it delivers an unrivalled formula to maximize peak power output and improve training capacity. Natural Pre-workout helps metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fat for superior athletic support. Improve motor coordination, mental focus and temporarily relieve fatigue with 150 mg of caffeine. Increase phosphocreatine, a form of stored energy for improved strength and power performance when combined with repetitive, explosive movements or resistance training. Increase nitric oxide levels with L-arginine for improved blood flow ensuring nutrient delivery and uptake. Taurine functions as an ion and pH buffer while improving muscle cell volumization. When it comes to fueling your body, we believe you get out what you put in. Natural Pre-workout is made without artificial colors or sweeteners. It is third-party Certified for Sport® by NSF to ensure purity, potency and label claims and is tested for over 272 banned substances. Ignite peak performance.

  • Contains fully disclosed 3500 mg strength and performance blend, 1232 mg explosive energy and mental focus igniter blend
  • Suitable for gluten free diets and peanut allergies
  • No sugar, fat, or artificial colors or sweeteners
  • NSF Certified for Sport®, IGEN Non-GMO Tested
  • Temporarily relieves fatigue, improves mental focus, provides explosive energy, and increases strength and power
  • Available flavors: Pink Lemonade

Certified for Sport® is the only independent third-party certification program recognized by MLB, the MLB Players Association, the NHL and the CFL. The MLB, NHL and CFL clubs are permitted to only provide and recommend products that are Certified for Sport®, and players are urged to only use these products. The certification is also recommended by the NFL, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA and Taylor Hooton Foundation.

+- Highlights

  • NSF Certified for Sport®
  • NSF GMP Registered Facility
  • IGEN Non-GMO Tested
  • No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut Free Facility
  • Enhances Energy

+- Usage

Who should take Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout?

Natural Pre-Workout is ideal for individuals that are looking for an energy boost, increased mental focus, and improved motor coordination. Tested for over 272 banned substances makes it a superior choice for professional and aspiring athletes as well as individuals actively training. Always read and follow the label.

What does Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout do?

Natural Pre-Workout increases strength, power, and performance during repetitive, intense physical activity. It relieves fatigue.

How do you take Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout?

Adults: Natural Pre-Workout can be shaken or stirred into cold water or your favorite beverage 30-45 minutes prior to training. To beat the heat, blend with ice.

+- Advantage


We are dedicated to clean, natural ingredients and product purity. Our Natural Pre-Workout is made without artificial colors or sweeteners. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and made in a peanut free facility. Clean nutrition never tasted so good!


Because trust is of the utmost importance, our production facility is GMP registered and our Natural Pre-Workout is NSF Certified for Sport® ensuring it has been lot-by-lot tested for over 272 athletic banned substances, harmful levels of contaminants and fraudulent ingredients.


When it comes to fueling your body, we believe you get out what you put in. With clinically studied ingredients, verified label claims and third-party tested formulas our Natural Pre-Workout is designed to help you reach your performance goals. Be your best on game day and every day!

+-Warning Prop 65

For all products we provide the following general notice:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

What is Proposition (Prop) 65?

California’s Proposition 65 entitles consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm above certain threshold levels. Prop 65 dictates that businesses with more than 10 employees that sell products in the state are required to provide “clear and reasonable” warnings about a chemical’s ability to cause cancer, reproductive har, or birth defects on packaging or labels.

What is included in the Prop 65 list?

Over 800 chemicals and compounds are included from naturally occurring compounds to synthetic and manmade chemicals that are present in our everyday lives. A few of these items are: additives or ingredients in pesticides; common household products; drugs, food or dyes; solvents; chemicals in manufacturing or construction; and by-products of chemical process.

What does Prop 65 mean for me?

Prop 65 is a right-to-know law that provides information on products to help consumers make more informed decisions in the form of pervasive labeling. However, the Prop 65 labels do not mention or identify the level of risk, specific to the compound. Because of this, Prop 65 may be confusing to consumers who are encountering it in their day-to-day lives.  

Moreover, it is important to understand how the threshold levels for Prop 65 inclusion are determined. The OEHHA has set “Safe Harbor” levels of exposure for many of the chemicals listed under Prop 65. If the amounts found in a certain product are less than the Safe Harbor level, the product does not require a warning label. It should be noted that Safe Harbor levels are frequently around 1,000 times lower than levels set by regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA and World Health Organization.

While Prop 65 labeling will give you more information, it’s important to keep in mind the broader perspective. Labels may not identify the actual compound or where the compound is located in the product, nor assess risk levels. Instead, keep in mind that for overall health it’s important to choose a dietary pattern that is rich in lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.