Manuel Aparicio

Midfielder - Pacific FC - CPL

Manuel Aparicio is a professional soccer player passionate about fitness and nutrition. Manny was born in Argentina and moved to Canada when he was 9 years old. In Argentina soccer is a way of life, almost like a religion. Because of his family's love for the sport, he was introduced to the game early on and fell in love with it immediately. At 17 years old, he started his professional career in 2013 with Toronto FC, where he played 3 seasons. He then made a move to, Argentine club, Quilmes AC for 8 months before making his Spanish debut in 2016. Manny spent 3 years in Spain, playing for 3 different clubs. In 2019 the opportunity to play for his hometown and be a part history with the CPL arose and he joined York9 FC, where he played and captained the team for two seasons. Most recently, he made the move across the country to British Columbia to play with Pacific FC. Throughout the years, Manny has proudly represented Canada in many age groups, from U17 to the Men’s Team. Football has taken him on an amazing journey that he hopes continues for many more years.