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Micronutrients: An Important Aspect of Active Lifestyles
Counting macros is recognized by many as an important part of any fitness routine and...
Make Cardio More Fun
5 Ways to Make Cardio More Fun
Cardio, one of the most dreaded aspects of any fitness routine, is important for fat...
Men's Health, 2018 Best Foods for Men
Natural Whey Named Men’s Health, 2018 Best Foods for Men
“Feel great about the food you feed yourself and the people you love.” – Men’s...

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Beet It Through The Day Smoothie
Blend all ingredients together. Enjoy! Recipe serves 1       Credit: Sabretooth Lifestyle
Dark Chocolate Salted Fudge
In a saucepan, combine the coconut cream, coconut sugar, vanilla extract and tapioca flour over...
Warm Apple Protein Shake
Grate apple. Heat maple syrup and apple over medium heat until the apple is soft....

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