The Benefits of Boxing: A Fitness Powerhouse

Expert Opinion

With Guest Blogger, Andrew Stern.

The sport of boxing has been around for generations, but only recently has fitness boxing become palatable to the masses. Boutique group fitness boxing studios, like Rumble Boxing, are popping up in cities all over as people start to realize the amazing benefits of boxing. Let’s go over some of those benefits and then maybe you’ll want to make boxing a part of your fitness routine too!

Everyone loves a good sweat, like running and spinning, but boxing is another form of cardio that is sustainable AND delivers benefits to athletes of all levels. A major benefit of boxing is that it may keep your heart working at maximum efficiency and challenging your cardiovascular system to perform at a higher level – which just so happens to be the point of cardio! A boxing regimen that alternates between high-demand, intense bursts of activity and short intervals (traditionally, three-minute rounds) will effectively burn fat by increasing your heart rate then decreasing that heart rate during quick, active recoveries.

Boxing is also mentally beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels, as it provides an addicting feeling of empowerment, an instant stress reliever. Fitness boxing and the focus it requires is an accessible form of therapy. Incorporating boxing into a fitness routine will increase endorphins, aide in meditation and improve sleep, all of which help reduce stress.

In addition to cardio, boxing provides a balance of strength training. It’s a full-body workout, which will train your upper body, lower body and core, all while improving your coordination. Boxing brings all your attention to the forefront; your main focus is the bag, or your opponent, and your technique. Not only is the bag a moving target, but you yourself are incorporating footwork and head movement to evade the opponent. Boxing requires you to have full sensory coordination. The whole body has to work as one unit to perform efficiently.

Another benefit of boxing is how conservative it is when it comes to time consumption. You can get an amazing workout with boxing in a short amount of time; it does not take hours at a gym or downtime between sets. You’ll keep your body moving, body temperature rising, and heart rate pumping.

Big picture, there is nothing like boxing when looking for a sport that is both physically demanding and mentally challenging in every aspect.