Natural Whey Named Men's Health, 2018 Best Foods for Men

Expert Opinion

“Feel great about the food you feed yourself and the people you love.” – Men’s Health

Words to live by and a driver behind the recent shortlist of 2018 Best Foods for Men in the April issue of Men’s Health magazine. Finding that a growing number of men are the primary food shopper, Men’s Health took plate to table and curated a selection of nutritious yet, ultra-tasty foods to help deliver from dull meals.

Led by health and nutrition experts, foods were selected based on criteria that included high protein and fiber with healthy fats while containing the fewest calories and added sugars. Favorites included unprocessed, full-fat foods using fewer ingredients with the ever-important factor — taste.

At Bodylogix®, we are honored to be recognized as one of the 2018 Best Foods for Men by Men’s Health for our Natural Whey Vanilla Bean protein. We believe in clean, quality nutrition that you trust to support your performance goals.

Bodylogix® Natural Whey Vanilla Bean contains cold-pressed, cross-flow micro and ultra-filtered, undenatured whey proteins. Formulated for unparalleled taste with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and containing 24g of protein per scoop, Natural Whey Vanilla Bean supplements your diet without compromising on quality or taste. Certified by NSF, the world-leader in third-party testing, ensures the highest quality and safety standards are met. We guarantee ingredients on the label are exactly what you’ll find in the bottle and nothing else!

To be the best, we believe you need to supplement with the best. Thank you Men’s Health!