Lift Safely with These Tips

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Everyone knows lifting is sexy. Weight training can improve strength and rev up your metabolism. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, it can also lead to injury. To stay strong AND safe, here are some tips from a seasoned powerlifter to prevent injuries.

5 Tips to Safe Lifting

1. Warm up. Always make sure to warm up before beginning your workout. Not doing so could result in a pulled muscle. Some ways to lubricate your joints include stretching, light cardio, and the popular warm up sets. For example, if you were going to squat, start by doing bodyweight squats, work your way up to a bar with no weights, and then begin adding weights onto the bar.

2. Correct form. It doesn’t matter if you can lift 300 lbs. if you have bad form. Weightlifting requires you to have proper technique in order to prevent injuries and target the right muscles. For example, if you are doing a deadlift, try your best not to round your back when pulling and keep the bar as close to you as possible. Practice makes perfect so when you are doing your set, try different types of stances, grips, and range of motions in order to find the perfect one for your body type. Also, there are many great instructional posts which can demonstrate proper form.

3. Tight core. Regardless of the move, when it comes to exercise, a tight core is key. Not only will a taught tummy help tone your abs, it will protect your lower back. And, you’ll find the stronger your core, the heavier you’ll be able to lift and the stronger you’ll become. Tip – try holding your breath when going down for a squat, clench your abs until you are back upright and push out all of that stale air.

4. Workout buddy. Not only is working out with a friend motivating, it’s a second set of eyes to help you perfect your technique. As you progress with your weight, a friend can also help assist you so you can safely lift at your heaviest. #sweatbffs

5. Protein. After your workout, don’t forget to stretch and refuel your muscles. Protein is best taken within a two hour time period after your workout. Fueling with protein and stretching will help recover your muscle tissues faster so you can rock your next workout.

Lift safely. Be awesome. POWER up your life.