How to Stay Happy in Love!

Motivation & Inspiration

Happy international day of love. Here at Bodylogix, we too are celebrating all matters of the heart, from couples to cupid. The brilliant English novelist Emily Brontë said, “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” A person who seeks success will be happier with someone who shares their drive. Someone who wants to travel the world, aren’t likely best matched with a homebody.

In other words, like attracts like. In fact, researched suggests some of the happiest relationships are amongst people who share hobbies, experience new things and stay active…together. We couldn’t agree more.

In today’s post, we’ve come up with a list of possible date ideas, in perhaps a not-so Hallmark fashion, to celebrate your heart’s twin, your in-house inspiration, and your gym buddy.

Ways to Add More Same to Your Soul

1. It’s winter, in Canada. Hit the rink, the trails or the ski hill together. If you live in Ottawa or Winnipeg, head downtown after work and skate the river trail. If you live in British Columbia or Alberta, take the afternoon off and spend the day on the mountain. Cross-country ski, snowmobile or go for a hand-in-hand winter walk together. Not only will your cheeks be rosy but so too will your outlook on life. #winkwink

2. Warm up together. Your heart will feel happy if you can snuggle up in front of a fire or on your yoga mats. Go to a hot Hatha class, hang out at a local steam/sauna spa or sit side-by-side and brainstorm ways you can add more fun or more adventure to your relationship. Bucket lists never go out of style; neither do dream vacations or memorable adventures. Life’s short and best enjoyed with a suitable, likeminded mate.

3. Challenge one another to move beyond his/her comfort zone. Having a life partner is awesome. But so too is having someone who can hold you accountable. This Valentine’s, shop, prepare and cook dinner together all while challenging one another to tweak or improve one aspect of how you live your lives, how you want to get from good to great. Consider a new form of fitness, such as a spin class or take up lifting heavy. Decide together to cut out all processed food for a month or cut back on screen time before you head to bed.

As humans, we often grow or shrink in proportion to the company we keep. Part of being a good partner isn’t just about taking care of someone else’s needs; it’s also about taking care of you. This 14th of February, think outside the heart and opt for a new style, ‘grilled not fried’ kind of date that takes you from coast to coast, down the slopes and under the covers with someone you love. #smooch