Finding Motivation in Uncertain Times

Motivation & Inspiration

So here we are, dealing with a new reality. Change is daily and the bad news is starting to become normal news. One day you have hope of things returning to “normal” and the next day you think you’ve lost any semblance of physical abilities and social skills you may (or may not) have had before. 

While each of us are facing unique struggles, one thing that many of us have in common is the challenge to find and maintain motivation. You’ve got yourself hyped up one day, only to lose that motivation the next day. Without competition and the desire to win, it can be hard to fuel your fire and keep striving for your goals.

While thoughts and feelings might be in a serious game of ping pong, there are some things you can do to ease your mind and your body back into a productive routine.

1. Remain steady and consistent

Contrast tennis to swimming. You want your thoughts and actions to be steady, directed, and consistent. Like swimming laps. Some days you swim faster and some days you swim slower, but you’re always moving. Thoughts bouncing back and forth like a tennis match can be interesting, but ultimately you are zig-zagging to the finish line. You can still win the race, but it’s going to take a lot longer. To translate this to your fitness routine, try to remain consistent. Get movement every day, even if somedays its only going for a walk.

2. Don’t think about it

If you think about how hard your workout is going to be, you will talk yourself out of it. It is amazing what things we can rationalize and how easily we can make a terrible idea seem not really that bad. So, every time you want to talk yourself into eating chocolate or out of working out, just stop thinking about it! Change your thoughts immediately.

3. Ask yourself why

Why do I play sports? Why do I want to get stronger/more flexible/healthier? Reminding yourself why you started towards a goal helps you stay focused on attaining that goal. 

4. Adapt 

Everyone is learning to go with the flow. Since everyone is doing it, why not be the best at it? Learn how to change your plans on the fly and be ready for whatever might come at you next.

So, lay down your chips and follow these tips for your greatest success yet. Right now, its not a competition. This is all for you. Have fun, keep your goals in mind, and go!