Creating Your Road Map to Success

Expert Opinion

Where are you going? Likely nowhere for a while due to the global pandemic. But don’t let that stop you from actually getting somewhere. Goal setting is basically a road map to shift your focus so you can achieve.

Want to accomplish something? Want to learn something new? Time to refine your current skill set or learn new skills? You know the drill. Set SMART goals. You likely already know what that acronym means in terms of goal setting. So, I won’t go into too much detail on that. But what I am going to do is make the process even more simple, so that you can focus your attention on achieving your goals.

When working with athletes, I like to break it down into a three-step process.

1. Step 1

“I can make this happen”

This step is the bottom rung of the ladder or the base of the pyramid. At this stage, you are taking a small step, choosing an attainable goal, something you know you can accomplish quickly and fairly easily. But the trick here is to ensure this goal can help lead you into the next step. It can’t just be any random act; it needs to be a steppingstone to achieving your greater goals.

2. Step 2

“I think I can”

This step is the meat in your sandwich. Or the vegan patty between two lettuce leaves (to each their own). It’s more difficult to achieve and you may not be 100% confident that you can complete it, but it’s also more meaningful and fulfilling. And you know that with some hard work, time, effort, and dedication, you can achieve it.

Keep in mind that you must ace step one before moving on to this second step. But achieving that first goal will help you to realize that this step is more attainable than you may have initially thought and it’ll get you even closer to that ultimate goal.

3. Step 3

“I wish”

The last step is a bit more far-reaching and you might not even think it’s possible in the beginning. And without the first two steps - you’re right. But once you commit to those first two steps, you’ll find yourself dreaming of step three. And realizing that a wish has turned into a goal. It’s a lofty goal. The sun and moon and stars have to align to reach it, and the fact that it might one day be possible scares you just enough for it to be exciting.

Steps one and two should have helped you gain both the confidence and also some more skills to help you accomplish this third step.

If you’re ready to make your road map and start getting somewhere, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Just break down your ultimate goal/biggest dream into three steps, making the first one easily attainable, the second one achievable with some hard work. Once you complete the first two steps, you’re well on your way to achieving step three and realizing all your potential.

And for those of you wanting a refresher on SMART goal setting, here you go.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Realistic

T - Timely