Winter Blues Tropical Salad
Winter Blues Tropical Salad
     1/2  mango
     2 tbsp.  white balsamic vinegar
     2 tbsp.  avocado oil
     1/4 cup  macadamia nuts
     1/2  avocado
     4  strawberries
     4 oz  chicken
    salad greens
    1. Blend together mango, vinegar and avocado oil.
    1. Heat a fry pan and brush with salt and a touch of avocado oil.
    2. Once the pan is smoking, turn down heat and add the chicken.
    3. Brown on both sides and allow to cook through.
    4. Cut and add to the salad greens, nuts, avocado and strawberries (cut in halves).
    5. Dress and enjoy!