Cookie Dough Protein Squares
Cookie Dough Protein Squares
    6 tbsp. raw cashew butter
    2 tsp. raw honey
    1 tbsp. coconut flour
    3 tsp. vanilla almond milk
    10-15 g organic dark chocolate, chopped
    2-4 scoops Bodylogix® Natural Whey Vanilla Bean or Decadent Chocolate
    1. Combine cashew butter, honey, coconut flour, dark chocolate chunks and Bodylogix® Natural Whey in mixing bowl with spatula.
    2. Slowly add the almond milk until mixture comes together like dough. If you find your dough is too wet, feel free to add a bit more coconut flour. If it seems to dry, slowly add very small amounts of water or almond milk.
    3. Once fully combined, press into square baking sheet and place in refrigerator to set overnight.
    4. Cut into 10-12 bars and wrap individually.
    5. Store in fridge.
    Makes 10-12 bars