Professional Soccer Player


Lake Tapps, Washington


One of our most veteran Bodylogix® ambassadors, Cameron Vickers is a professional soccer player from Lake Tapps, Washington. He is a health and fitness junkie and can be found in the gym, constantly driving to improve his performance on the field. Cam abides by a paleo diet and loves spending time in the kitchen prepping his meals. In his down time, he enjoys spending time with his family and as a soccer-specific personal trainer and coach for young athletes.

Favorite way to sweat

Hot yoga all the way.

Favorite way to recover post-workout

His training workouts consist primarily of weigh lifting and plyometrics, so Cam's recovery process is extremely important. Immediately post-workout you can find him tossing back protein and BCAAs, and then he's off to meditate to settle the mind. Before leaving the gym, Cam will finish it off with a foam roll; no matter how much it hurts!

Greatest Accomplishment

Cam considers one of his greatest accomplishments thus far to be signing his first professional contract; reaching a goal that he worked towards his whole life. A close second on the list is becoming an uncle to his two young nieces.

More Fun Facts

One of Cam's go-to recipes is this CROCKPOT CHICKEN: You'll need: 2 cups organic salsa 1 serving organic taco seasoning 2 lean chicken breasts And a Crockpot! Direction: Put all three ingredients in the crockpot and set to high for 4 hrs. An easy recipe to double or triple for meal prep!