Pre-Workout Fuel: What to Eat Before a Workout

Clean Ingredients & Nutrition

How you choose to fuel your body before a workout can make the difference between a good workout and a great workout. Choosing the right macronutrient combinations pre (and post) workout can also help to reduce muscle recovery time once you have finished your workout. Increased performance and faster recovery, could it get any better?

To get through your workouts, your body needs energy. And where do we get that energy? Primarily from carbohydrates. Therefore, it is extremely important to consume appropriate amounts of carbs before your workout to see optimal performance.

Carbohydrates can be broken down into simple and complex. Before a workout, your body requires both classifications of carbs. Simple carbs, such as a banana, will provide your body with quick energy. Complex carbs, like sweet potatoes, will help to keep your body fueled over an extended period of time and can help to increase the amount of work that your body is able to perform in a given training session.

In addition to carbohydrates, your body also requires adequate amounts of protein before your workout. Consuming protein before a workout has been shown to stimulate protein synthesis post-workout, meaning your muscles will recover quicker.

Some studies have shown that an optimal ratio of carbs to protein pre-workout is 4:1. So, if you are consuming 60g of carbs before your workout, it would be ideal to also consume 20g of protein.

Finally, one often overlooked aspect, of pre-workout nutrition is drinking enough water. The more you exercise, the more water your body needs. Not only will increased water consumption help with your performance, but it is also extremely important for your overall health and well-being.

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Your body requires appropriate fuel to reach maximum performance, make the right choices and see major improvements.

Energize your workouts the right way, with carbs, protein and plenty of water.