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Even Small Changes Can Yield Great Gains with Dr. Slaunwhite

After we wrote in this post about our Gentle 7-Day Cleanse, we were flooded with social love, but also questions. We heard from people who want to detox as well as look and feel better, but aren’t sure where to begin. And some of our readers who are just starting out their fitness journeys candidly admitted to feeling overwhelmed with cutting out multiple foods at once. So, we turned to our strength and nutrition expert for advice.

Help from Dr. Slaunwhite

So you’ve been hearing a lot about cleansing lately. It’s a popular health practice based around cleaning your body of toxins (and more), and in extreme cases involves drinking primarily juices for a certain period of time or fasting. While this seems like a desirable process for many people, some find the idea of a total cleanse, even a Bodylogix Gentle Cleanse, a bit too much. I’m here to suggest an alternative. If you’re not ready to make a full commitment to cleansing, even for just 7 days, take a more gradual approach and chip away at it.

Steps to Cleanse Your Body

First, start by cleansing your diet of unhealthy foods. This can be done one food at a time. I suggest taking an honest look at your diet and identifying the unhealthiest food you consume. Now, take this food and eliminate it from your diet.

I suggest starting with any sugary drinks. These can often be the biggest offenders that contribute to an unhealthy diet. If you are someone who habitually drinks pop/ soft drinks, simply replacing those drinks with water that is naturally flavored with fruit, will have a tremendously positive and cleansing effect.

Next, identify a healthy food (juice or whole food) that you currently don’t have in your diet and add it in. Every week you can replace a bad food with a healthy food until you reach the point where your diet is comprised of totally healthy foods.

This approach may be a little less intimidating at the beginning and lead to a more sustainable healthy diet in the end.

So if you’re not quite ready for a full cleanse, start today but eliminating one unhealthy food and replacing it with one that’s better for your body. Logical, no? #bodyLOGIX

Good luck, and remember to make your health a priority.