Rue She

Personal Trainer

Bodylogix® ambassador, Rue She, has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, working mainly with group exercise classes from managing and training to developing teams and promoting the best innovative fitness programs. Rue currently works as Head of Programming for Virgin Active, SEA and also as a performance coach for Body Pump in Les Mills Asia Pacific. Rue was motivated to begin her fitness journey by her inspiring polytechnic health and physical coach who taught an aerobics class. Rue was instantly hooked on how that class made her feel and decided that she wanted to do a similar thing so that she could make people feel that good as well.

Favorite Way to Sweat

Rue’s favorite way to sweat is with outdoor training and beach running. However, she also enjoys a good yoga session and a pumping shoulders working.

Favorite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Rue likes to refuel with BCAAs and a good complex carbohydrate reload. Her post-workout routine also consists of a power nap and plenty of fluids.

Greatest Accomplishment

Rue is extremely proud of her hard work throughout her career and working herself up to the position that she is currently in. She is also proud of marrying her best friend and adopting two rescue dogs.