Natey Adjei

Wide Receiver - Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)

Natey Adjei is a professional football player currently playing for the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL. Natey was drafted 22nd overall in the 2013 CFL draft by the Toronto Argonauts as a junior/futures pick. He completed his senior season at the University of Buffalo and went on to play with the Argonauts in 2014. He is now playing his 6th year as a professional football player, and his 4th as an Edmonton Eskimo. 

Natey met one of his mentors, Jesse Korona, at the age of 15. Jesse taught him that if he wanted to excel athletically that he needed to work hard physically, have the right attitude and create a strong work ethic. Natey is grateful for all that he learned from Jesse and still lives by those core values. Natey is a fun loving guy who loves to laugh and spend quality time with his two daughters and his wife. 

Favorite Way to Sweat

Natey loves doing target trainings. One of his favorites is a nervous system warm-up. The workout includes 4 exercises: 3 clap push-ups, 2 reps of dumbbell snatches per arm, 30 lateral low pogo touches and 3 reps of vertical jumps. He will repeat these four exercises with 45 second breaks in between each exercise for a total of 20 minutes. 

Favorite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Natey's post-workout routine includes a good mix of foam rolling, Hatha yoga and massages. 

Greatest Accomplishment

Natey considers marrying his wife and having his two daughters to be his greatest accomplishment. Athletically, he is proud of earning a Division 1 football scholarship, which enabled him to play at a high level while having the opportunity to get a good education.