Chantae McMillan

US Olympian - Heptathlete

Chantae McMillan is a US Olympian who competed in the heptathlon in the 2012 Olympic games. She is now focused on making the 2021 Tokyo Olympic team solely in javelin. 

Chantae was born in Rolla Missouri, and thanks her support system for helping her achieve what she has in her athletic career. He strives to make thos around her proud. Chantae will be training at Spire Institute in Ohio this year with her coach (former teammate) from the 2012 Olympic team, Kibwé Johnson. 

Chantae is married to her husband Devon, who is in the US Army, training to be a helicopter pilot. They welcomed their first child in 2018, Otto. 

Chantae also has two dogs, Moose and Benny, that bring her joy when she goes home every day from a hard practice!