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10 Tips to Bikini Body Ready!

As the weather warms up and we begin shedding clothing layers, summer becomes a reality and with that so does bathing suit season! So instead of spending another summer under wraps or dreading bathing suit shopping again…follow Bodylogixs tips below and get bikini ready FAST! A few diet tweaks and a regular workout regimen should [...]

10 Ways to Be More Active and Improve Your Health Today

1. Do light stretches when you get out of bed. This will help wake you up, get blood flowing, and loosen tight spots throughout the body. Combined with conscious breathing, a morning stretch routine will also help centre you and mentally prep you for your day. This is also a great time to do a [...]

Super Foods

What makes a food “super”? It’s simple. It must contain multiple disease fighting nutrients, fill you up on minimal calories and be easy to incorporate into your daily diet. The 10 foods listed below meet these three criteria, are all whole, un-processed foods and fit into one of the following four food groups: fruits, vegetables, [...]